Don't judge these people,they have their problems. You can't have relationships if you're not willing to be disappointed and hurt by that person. It's almost impossible.

If you say yes to someone, I will, you are also saying, I will be hurt by you.  You have to be able to enter into the world and realize the richness of life is all the good and joy and thrill of it, but also all the disappointment, hurt, and heartache of it.

And all of that is what's great.

People need each other, and that interaction, or relationship, or friednship, or romantic love affair, all the different ways relationships take form is one of the hardest things we do in our lives. It's one of the biggest risks we'll take in our lives.

Let's deal with it. and see what happens.

I never like to say goodbye. But there is a wind behind every one of us that takes us through lives. We never see it, we can't command it, we don't even know its purpose. I would have stayed among you longer, but that wind is taking me away.

I would like to say goodbye, and wish you peaceful hearts and loving hearts.


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